This Shit Is All Racist

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so I should probably stop talking but…

The entire racism is prejudice + power and therefore a white person cannot be racist thing.

What if there was one white person in a predominantly ‘black’ area?

The black people have the power in that situation and therefore it is racism, if you go by the sum above.

In all the arguments I’ve seen on here about this (far too many) no one has ever thought to mention that in some situations a white person can be a minority. Maybe I’ve just missed those particular arguments but idk.

In my head racism is just discrimination on race there’s no power involved at all, but  y’know, I’m talking about your argument here.

The problem with that scenario is that it’s quite small. (Also lol you’ve painted that as a scary feature, imagine it for PoC, let me tell you it’s scary being the only PoC in a white space) 

Because here’s the thing, unless that one lone White person lives in a place where they are forced to work in black owned/backed businesses? Chance are their privilege will still come into play somewhere along the line. 

If that one lone White Person living in an Alternate Universe is forced to work only in black owned bussinesses, surrounded by black cops, black hospitals, black judges, black juries, black congressmen, AND ALL BLACK GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS.

Then yeah, they can face racism. Totally.