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This blog is all about calling out all types of racist bullshit, be it overt, casual or subtle.

Nothing against you, everything against the racist shit you're spewing.

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Now we get to pay for healthcare for those fat black crack heads that pump out 5 kids.

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No. I’m not racist. White people can be niggers. Asians can. Even Indians can get nigley. And I hate them all. Those people who have blatant disrespect for anyone around them. Who force us to look at their scummy asses. Why the fuck even bother wearing a belt, let alone pants? You’re not cool. You’re a scumbag that everyone hates. Stop yelling. You’re hurting everyone’s ears. Turn your fucking “music” down. No one wants to hear niggers going off about niggers fucking other niggers and “getting money”. Jesus Christ they’re all the same.

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